Five Important Things to Do After a Car Accident

After being involved in a major car accident, you may not know exactly what to do. You will usually feel traumatized and without the ability to think clearly. But, there are some essential things you must do right after. Also, you need to work with the best lawyer like Lawyer Keith Killian to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Below are some things you must do right after a car accident.

See if you Have been Injured

You will want to focus on your physical health first. Check for any injuries. Do you feel hurt somewhere? What about other people inside the car? Are they all okay? Some injuries are quite obvious and if you have a serious injury, call 911 immediately. But, some injuries are not visible. Even if you don’t see any obvious injury but feel strange on the inside, call 911.

Contact the Police

Regardless of how small the car accident is, you must call the police. If you are involved in a minor accident, the police will let you file a report at your local police station. But, if it is a more serious accident, they will visit the scene and file the report on their own. When giving information to the police, try to be as detailed as you can and get a copy of the completed report.

Document the Accident

You can more easily do this than before because of your smartphone. Take pictures of the cars involved in the accident. Ensure to get close-up shots of certain areas of the vehicles that were damaged. Also, get a shot of the general area, especially if something has contributed to the accident. Aside from photos, take note of the date and time of the accident and the address. Also, not the direction you were heading to and the other car’s direction. Continue the documenting process even if you have left the scene. Things like car repair receipts, as well as hospital bills and documents, must be kept.

Contact your Insurance Company

While at the scene of the accident, call your insurance company to know what to do next. The representative of the company you will be talking to will tell you how to start the claim filing process.

Hire a Lawyer

In most cases, the insurance companies of both parties will take care of the situation and determine how is liable for the situation. This often leads to settlement. However, one party might want to go to court. In such a case, you must work with an experienced car accident lawyer. Your lawyer will help you get a fair settlement or win your case if it goes to court.