Tools For A Comprehensive And Robust Car Dealership Software Solutions

Large or small car dealerships are getting familiar with the benefits of advanced technology. Different kinds of software have become crucial module of their infrastructure.

With automotive software solutions, the dealerships can –

  • Eliminate inefficiencies
  • Increase overall sales & revenue
  • Automate redundant tasks
  • Enhance customer relationship
  • Remain ahead of competition

Today, the basic CRM software has evolved and the latest version includes plenty of features that can enhance your business right from tracking the sales to proactively keeping track of internet leads to approaching them to making service department efficient.

Tools for a more comprehensive and robust car dealership software solution


The basic CRM module helps to manage your whole dealership, unite various departments and allow a realistic control of each.

  • Simple way to catalogue, access as well as analyze customer data
  • Information can be mined for crucial statistics & trends
  • Effective marketing tactics can be developed to engage customers via discounts, coupons and loyalty programs.
  • Effectively communicate with clients across several channels like email, phone, mobile and chat.
  • Daily tasks like gas requisitions, clock management, report generation, appointment management and loaner car arrangements.

Dealer CRM from can help to increase productivity, polish the management activities and proactively take care of clients.

Service CRM

Another CRM tool that offers comprehensive control of the dealership’s service department:

  • Keeps track of repair orders, manages deadline and offers real-time estimates of labor, parts and total repair cost.
  • Offers the updates of vehicle status of a customer through text or email.
  • Keeps track of each customer’s follow-up.
  • During service visits, it detects up-sell opportunities [premium parts or accessories]
  • Keeps track of customers that have declined or accepted up-sell opportunities in the past.

All these features help to ascend your service department’s profitability as well as customer satisfaction.

Internet lead manager

It keeps track of the sales from several sources like the website, social media and email. Thus duplicate leads get eliminated and the original ones are passed to proper personnel. They take actions and follow-up. Internet Lead Manager can be seamlessly integrated with CRM and 3rd party tools.

Showroom manager

From collecting customer information to confirming employee compliance with every step in the sales closing process is controlled effectively with a showroom manager solution. Real-time statistics is given, which helps the salesperson to quickly and efficiently handle the sales process.

Mobile CRM

Personnel do not need to leave the sales floor and keep potential customer waiting as they have access to majority of CRM features on their mobile phone. Easy access to customer data, appointments, inventory and sales information is possible. Data entry tasks like scanning licenses, entering, VIN number and editing customer data can also be achieved.